What Accounting Software is right for my business?

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Accounting software is something that practically all businesses regardless of their size should consider if saving time to run a profitable business is important to you. Even if you are a small business about to get up and running and are unsure as to whether you need to invest in accounting software, it is worth investigating the benefits of doing so for long-term security and peace of mind.

The question of which software package is right for you and your needs is one that needs to be investigated in more detail and is very much a choice that each individual business must consider for themselves. Rawlings and Co can help guide you through the process and suggest you consider the following: 

Who is your accountant and what software do they use?

If you are just starting with a new accountant, it is certainly worth asking for their advice as to what package may suit your needs. Does their software package have a bookkeeper’s version with fewer features that you need? If you are changing accountants and have been using a particular software package, can your new accountant access your software easily, perhaps there is an accountant’s version of what you have been using. 

Additional support

Many software package companies will convince you that their packages offer superb value for money. If you are shopping around, try and make sure you are comparing like for like. What tech support do you have outside of hours? What is the turnaround time for customer support queries? How many users can you have using one license? Do your homework and it will pay dividends overall. 

Talk to a current customer

Try and find another business that uses the software package you are interested in. Word of mouth is the best way to find out all you need to know, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The more positive reviews and feedback that you have about a company, the more secure you will be investing in the package.

Features included

This is an obvious one but perhaps certain features that are included in your quote really are not relevant to your business. If your online sales don’t feature in your business is an API feature or a sales app necessary?  

Payment Plan

Buying a software accounting package involves a sizeable initial outlay. Is it an option to pay for your package in monthly installments?

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